A Poem About Adulting (Part Two)

Good morning y’all,

I wrote sort of a heavy post yesterday, as I was frustrated trying to come up with a new blog topic and struggling with some personal things I’m dealing with in my own life. Thus, I would like to summarize my thoughts today in the form of a much lighter poem about adulting.

Please don’t take this post too seriously, as it’s meant to be comical.


Job, job, where can I find you?

As the resumes fly here and there 

I am looking for one, searching for one anywhere 

At the store, in the morgue, oh job, you must be somewhere 

Taxes, taxes, the next thing 

Why must you be so confusing? 

With your numbers and your fancy words 

Your attempts to trip me up with your worth 

College, college, when will you start?

In my gap semester, it’s already March

With the essays and the homework that I miss so much 

Hopefully you’ll start soon, with any luck

Friends, friends, with too much to do 

When will I be able to hang out with you? 

With your classes, jobs, and miles away 

When will you come back to hang? 

TV, TV, my only hope 

To get me through this crazy road 

With your Netflix shows and weekly airings 

As my life seems to be disappearing 

I’ll get through it, oh yes I will 

Yes, before I know it, I’ll be over the hill. 

– By Courtney M. 

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I promise to get back to more substantial posts soon!😜



Thirty Day Blogging Challenge #2: Day Eighteen

blog-challengeDay Eighteen: Something About My Shoes

This is probably going to be terrible but here’s an ode to my boots for today’s challenge

Soft and comfy on my feet
Bringing me from point A to B
Brown fake leather light and soft
So easy to slip on and off
So old so familiar, and broken in
Move on with me through thick and thin
So much better than my shoes
This is an ode to my boots
So thank you for reading this so long
I promise I won’t make this a song
So please fellow bloggers won’t you stay
Don’t let this poem drive you away

Shout out to all of the people who read all the way to the end! Stay tuned for a much better post later on about what celebrity I would like to meet! I promise it won’t contain any more bad poetry!😂