The Meaning Series Part One: Dreams

Today is day one of a new blog series that I’m starting, called The Meaning Series. The Meaning Series is going to basically talk about some of the things that I believe give meaning to life. The series isn’t in order of importance, but rather in a random order. This is going to be a five part series with a different topic for each post, covering the subjects of dreams, work, community, individuality, and faith. Today, I’m going to be discussing dreams.

I suppose I’ve always been a big dreamer. I love possibilities, looking at what could be rather than what is. I’m probably more of an idealist than a realist. Some people would argue that dreaming is futile and silly, but I disagree. It is dreams that have created some of the realities we see today. Where would we be without the dreams of the founders of America? Or, Martin Luther’s dream for equality? Dreams (along with hard work) are the things that progress society into something better and brighter. You may be thinking “Wait, how can my dreams benefit others?” I believe that if you look to the heart of your dreams, you’ll find that they often aren’t just about you, but about something that you feel you can offer others. Say you want to be a be a writer; Do you desire this because you feel you have something important to say to your readers and you want to teach through story? Or, say for example, you want to be an actor; Do you believe that film is a medium that influences society greatly and are there truths about the world that you want to demonstrate through your acting and movies?

Sometimes, if you take a closer look at your dreams, you’ll find a lot that you didn’t realize was there.

Thus, I urge you to hold onto your dreams. Keep working hard to make your dreams a reality. From my perspective, dreaming, and wanting something more in life is an important part of living and being fully alive. Don’t miss out on life now in the midst of dreaming, but hold onto those dreams, in hopes that someday in the future, they’ll be a reality.

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