Vlog #3: My Testimony

Hey guys – I just did a Vlog on my testimony! I’ve talked about my story in bits and pieces on this blog, but in the video, I discuss the whole thing chronologically. I hope y’all find it encouraging and inspiring!😊



4 thoughts on “Vlog #3: My Testimony

  1. I LOVE that you shared your testimony : )
    By doing so you totally shared His Story !!!
    You truly inspired me and I am sure many others seeing how God has moved and his still moving in you life !!
    I believe if we share are stories often especially with non believes we are allowing God to use us to help others see how truly AMAZING GOD is … and how much we all NEED Him right here and right now !
    Keep shining your BRIGHT LIGHT FOR JESUS I know you make Him smile : )
    and keep loving others ~I LOVE ❀️❀️ your heart for people !
    Praying this morning for the Lord to continue blessing you as you following in His footsteps

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  2. Awesome video Courtney! I had similar roots in my faith. I believed in God as a kid, but hardly went to church and never read scripture. It’s amazing how God works in our individual stories! I plan on sharing my testimony on my blog soon.

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