8 thoughts on “Vlog #2: Stories

  1. WOOHOO alright Courts this Vlog was legit awesome. Love the intro too hahahaha. This was a very interesting topic, I love how you incorperated the aspect of different stories for different people and different seasons in their lives. You put an aspect of Gods ways into perspective and I truly feel like I learned a lot from this. You did an awesome job. Keep em coming sis.

    How can I help God further along my story, hmmmmm. Well I would have to say keeping my faith in him up and serving Him praising Him in the midst of my trials trusting that He is faithful in His word and promises to provide all that I need. Also by reaching out to people in my workplace I have a great story in the making right now even. I’ve been reaching out at my job and truly feel like I have been a bit of an influence on my coworkers. Pray that they will receive the truth that I give and come to know God. Again awesome vlog sis I can’t wait for the next one :-D!!!

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  2. Courtney this was so inspirational & encouraging ~
    God is definitely on the move and thanks for reminding me that our
    purpose here is to know God and make Him known ~ all the other “stuff” is
    so irrelevant when we seek Him and His will.
    God is definitely on the move !! Keep being SALT and LIGHT girl =
    You are awesome ! Your passion is transparent !
    God bless you as you continue to live for Him and make Him known to
    all those you come in contact with !!

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