Thirty Day Blogging Challenge: Day 11

Wow, I can’t believe I’m already on day eleven of the challenge! It’s definitely been ‘challenging’ at times, but I absolutely love it and I believe this is helping me grow as a writer. After a somewhat lengthy article yesterday, today’s post is going to be relatively short. The topic is ‘ten favorite foods’.


  1. Bean burgers & fries-I absolutely love this combo. It’s my go-to-meal at my favorite restaurant…Chili’s! You seriously need to try that meal if you ever go there, it is the best!🍔🍟
  2. Cake, cookies, donuts, and pretty much anything from the bakery-Confession, I have a major sweet tooth! I’m pretty sure that the local grocery store bakery is what Heaven smells like. 🎂🍪🍩
  3. Pizza-Does this really need any further explanation? The bread, sauce and cheese make this meal absolutely amazing. 🍕
  4. Spaghetti-Food for thought (Pun intended), spaghetti is a little like pizza in noodle form. 🍝
  5. Brussels sprouts-I know, this one looks very out of place on the list, but when they’re cooked and sautéed right, they taste incredible!
  6. Garlic bread-Garlic bread and bread sticks are awesome. At this point, you’ve probably figured out that I have a weakness for carbs. 🍞
  7. Soy burgers-Fun fact: I’m a vegetarian. Thus, to replace meats, I often eat soy chicken, and soy burgers. They’re actually very good, contrary to most stereotypes about soy products. 🍔
  8. Mac & cheese-It’s kind of like spaghetti…only with cheese. 🍜
  9. Cereal-Peanut-butter granola cereal has been my go-to lately.
  10. Corn-One of my favorite vegetables.

11 thoughts on “Thirty Day Blogging Challenge: Day 11

  1. Those are all great foods! I like Brussels sprouts too…although I’ve only had them once! I’ve only been to chili’s once and I don’t even remember it that well, but if we ever go there I’ll remember your recommendation! 😀


  2. That’s so cool that we both like Brussels sprouts! I thought I was the only one! Definitely try the fries at Chili’s if you ever go, you won’t regret it! 😋😊


  3. LOVED this post … You made me hungry !!! I loved the commentary next to each food : ) and the humor … laughing while reading it !!
    I can’t believe you are on day 11 – Congratulations !! That is impressive.
    A blog a day is not easy to do but I have enjoyed them all !
    Keep writing you are amazing !! God bless you always : )


  4. hahahaha I’ve never been to chillis so i definitely have to go to trythat burger and hahaha pizza spaghetti and mac and cheese are like universal foods. its almost weird when someone says they don’t like those hahahaa

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