Thirty Day Blogging Challenge #2: Day Eleven


Day Eleven: My Favorite TV Show  

Truth be told, I have a lot of shows that I like. Some of them are (OK, most of them) are older shows, such as Full House, Friends, and Family Ties, while others are newer, such as The Middle, Fuller House, and Chesapeake Shores. Nonetheless, one of my most recent favorites would have to be 7th Heaven, a drama from the nineties about a pastor’s family. The show is titled “7th Heaven” because it focuses on each of the seven members of the family—which later turns to nine, after the mom has twins. The character casts includes

  • Eric Camden – The pastor of Glen Oak Community Church and husband and father of the show. He’s often portrayed as wise and eager to help his family and their friends with the problems they encounter—sometimes portrayed as a bit nosy but with good intentions.
  • Annie Camden – The wife and a mother of the show, sometimes fading to the background, but often stepping up and letting her strong but loving personality shine through when the family needs it most.
  • Matt Camden – The eldest brother, initially portrayed as the most rebellious of the group, but soon revealed to care very deeply about his siblings and take on the role of “protective older brother” when he senses one of his siblings to be in trouble.
  • Mary Camden – The tomboyish older daughter who is showed to be the least conventional of the Camden daughters. She is portrayed as a kick-butt basketball player in the earliest season, but develops other interests as the series goes on.
  • Lucy Camden – The awkward but goodhearted middle daughter, who constantly tries to find her places in her family and in the world. She’s relatable as a preteen, worrying about the typical stuff like boys and periods, but eventually matures into a confident and mature young adult—even becoming a pastor during her adult years.
  • Simon Camden – The youngest boy and ironically the wealthiest of the Camden siblings, as his older brothers and sisters consistently borrow money from him. He’s also fairly optimistic and portrayed as a good kid and a good friend.
  • Ruthie Camden – Ruthie is the adorable youngest daughter of the family. She’s nosy at times, always wanting to join in on her older siblings’ activities, but she typically only wants to join in on the excitement of the lives of her family members. She’s also very quirky and hilarious.
  • The twins – I honestly haven’t seen enough episodes with the twins to say what they’re like.

As an author, I’ve always enjoyed shows with depth, good character development, and interesting plot lines and I believe that this show does a good job in all three of these areas. I also, as a Christian, appreciate the faith element that’s rare to most modern TV shows. I watched this show pretty faithfully during my middle school years, and I have recently picked the show up again—thoroughly enjoying following the Camden family through their ups and downs of life and faith.

Not to mention, it has an awesome theme song and opening, which you can watch here.

I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for an entertaining faith based TV show to binge watch.

How about you? What’s your current favorite show?