Thirty Day Blogging Challenge: Day 27


Day 27…what’s in my closet?┬á

Yes, I know, it needs to be organized. ­čśé


  1. Clothes (Obviously).
  2. My bag (If you’ve been following this challenge, you may remember it!).
  3. An acoustic guitar (Which I haven’t played in a while).
  4. A Nerf football (Because, why not?).
  5. Some books (The rest are in a different room).
  6. Winter clothes (Shoved carelessly in a couple of plastic drawers).
  7. Peppermint candies (Because those things are awesome)
  8. A bag that I got from a 5K walkathon (Filled with craft supplies)
  9. A backpack (which probably still contains school supplies from senior year).
  10. A box (I honestly forgot what’s in the box. I think it’s school-related papers.).
  11. Pens and highlighters (Located on the top shelf near the candies).
  12. An miniature chapel (Behind the candies).

What do you guys think? Time to clean out the closet?┬á­čśé

To those of you still following this challenge, we’re almost there! Twenty seven posts down, three to go! ­čĆâ