A Poem For Easter

Hey everyone, I wrote a poem for Easter and decided to post it in celebration of Resurrection Sunday! 

I hope you guys enjoy it! 

Everything can change in a moment 

From what it was before 

Everything can change in an instant 

When salvation is knocking on your door 


The blood and sweat mix together in a tragic harmony 

On that dreaded fateful day

When our Lord was crucified on the cross

As our sins were washed away 


The earth went dark, there was a spark 

In Heaven as He tore the veil 

Sealing fate for all who make 

Him a part of their life and will 


With one last breath He looked ahead 

And said “not my will but thine” 

As His soul was committed to the Father and there was darkness in the sky 


His heart went out, His mercy fell, in an act of love and life 

A death and burial for us all in an act that was love personified

Three days passed as the disciples stood waiting for a direction or a sign 

Trying to discern the Lord’s will, not knowing this was an act divine 



Three days passed and so it seemed 

That hope was wearing thin 

Until the tomb was visited, by an angel and two women 


Yes, an angel appeared to give the news

He said to them “Fear not!” 

“For the one you look for is no longer here, no He is now long gone

Christ has risen from the dead, go tell the world good news”

This was a day for celebration, when all that He said had come true


This is the miracle of Easter 

A story passed down of old 

This is the story of Easter 

And it is a story meant to be told


Everything can change in an instant 

When Jesus comes into our lives 

Everything can change in a moment 

Because of the love of Christ 

Happy Easter!

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” – John 3:16




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