Thirty Day Blogging Challenge #2: Day Sixteen


Day Sixteen: Your Dream Travel Destination

It’s funny how the older we get, the more dreams we acquire. Like many young adults, I keep a bucket list, which includes everything from career goals to getting up the courage to finally ride a roller coaster. This year, I’ve added a new thing to my list.

Visiting a Passion Conference. 

Years ago, back when I was a young teenager, I vaguely heard of something called “Passion“, when my church showed an apologetics video featuring Louie Giglio (A video that you really should watch here when you get the change). Nonetheless, it wasn’t until this year that I learned what it was.

The Passion Conference is basically an event for Christian young adults, where believers from across America worship, learn, and meet together in one giant building. From what I’ve gathered, it seems that it’s usually held in Georgia—a state that’s pretty close to the one I live in. Various admirable people have spoken there, including Christine Caine, Andy Stanley, Beth Moore, Lecrae, Francis Chan, and many others. Plus, these speakers are often accompanied by some of Contemporary Christian music’s biggest names, such as Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman.

Hopefully, someday, I’ll be able to gather together a group of friends to bring with me on a road trip to Passion someday—an event that I know would be a time to remember.

How about you? Where would you like to go on vacation? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! 

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