Thirty Day Blogging Challenge #2: Day Seven


Day Seven: Somewhere you’d like to move or visit 

Hey everyone! I’ve finally gotten around to writing out a blog post, rather than reposting an old one. Sorry I haven’t been super word-y over the past couple days—I’ve been super busy with various things, including that longtime series that I’ve told you guys about!

Nonetheless, I’m finally back and ready to blog! 

Today’s writing prompt is about a place I would like to move or visit. In all honesty, there’s no where else I’d rather live than my home town, because my current state is where most of my family and friends live. There is, on the other hand, one place I’d like to visit someday. 


You guessed it—New York, New York! 

As a girl from a fairly southern state, I’ve always been a tad curious what it’s like in a place like New York City. I love the hopeful looking skyscrapers that you always see in pictures, and would like to visit some of the historical landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty.

I also have always had a serious weakness for lights—no joke. I love the way that New York looks when all of the buildings are lit up in pictures and movies. I’ve always said that it looks a bit like a million Christmas trees when it’s all lit up at night. Furthermore, despite my nearly paralyzing fear of heights, I would love to stand on the top floor of one of those buildings and take an Instagram-worthy picture of the city from up high.

My interest in visiting New York City may very well be at least partly inspired by shows like Friends, but to me, it looks like a very fun place to visit someday—especially during the month of December. If I ever go, I’ll be sure to take some pictures for you—and document the whole thing from the perspective of a southern-born girl used to the suburbs.

Until than, I guess I’ll just have to live vicariously through pictures.😜

How about you? Where would you like to live or visit? Please share your thoughts with me in the comments section below! ⬇️

6 thoughts on “Thirty Day Blogging Challenge #2: Day Seven

  1. My friend wants to move to New York this year for college! I hope to never move out of Texas. I love Texas. Sometimes people say that Texas is too plain and dry and boring, but I have learned to see the beauty in every part of Texas. 🙂 Plus I would freeze if I lived anywhere else! LOL
    ❤ Mandie

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    1. That’s so cool Maddie! I’m sure Texas is an awesome state! I totally hear you about freezing to death too – here’s to us southern girls!😜😎🙌 Thanks for stopping by!😊

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