A Question For The Guys Who Follow This Blog

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all having a good day so far!

Now, at the suggestion of my good friend Mfon, I’ve decided to ask my guy-followers a question for the next blog entry.

How would you feel if you were in Joseph’s shoes? 

What would your reaction be if your fiancee told you that she was pregnant with the Son of God? Be honest, I am writing a short excerpt from Joseph’s point of view and I want it to sound authentic. Your response may end up being incorporated in my next post!

8 thoughts on “A Question For The Guys Who Follow This Blog

  1. I would think she was insane honestly! At least, at first. I guess it depends on how long he knew Mary before. If he knew her family and how she acted and stuff. I think I would be hurt and very confused.

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    1. Lol, I’d say that’s probably a very accurate speculation Emily.😂😂😂 I would also probably think she was insane and be hurt and confused. Thanks for commenting!😊

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  2. I think the instant decision would have been easier; after all and angel did tell him personally what the plan was. But….imagine what the next few decades would have been like for him, in that culture, at that time. Can you imagine the things he must have known the other men were saying behind his back?

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  3. Usually, once Wally has lent his wisdom and insight, there is nothing else for me to contribute; however, I will give it a shot.

    If it had been me in the place of Joseph, well, I guess I would have launched into an inappropriate adult-language-laced rant. But I’m not Joseph, of course. Joseph was a godly man who obviously loved Mary and cared about her reputation. Joseph was also alive when the possibility of something like this happening was still a literal possibility – the Messiah had yet to be born. But were it to happen today I would have to accuse the girl of hooking up while under a drug-induced high.

    All this just brings me to say, Thank God I’m married!

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    1. Ha ha, great input Anthony. I think even the most godly people out there might act/ think a little less than Christ-like at the notion of their significant-other suddenly becoming pregnant unexpectedly like that. Joseph was definitely a great guy for standing by Mary! Thanks for the input!


  4. I love all the inputs above! 😀 If I were a guy (Joseph), I’d find it hard to be with Mary. It felt like too much drama… much easier to walk away from it all. LOL. I’m anticipating the sequel! Glad you went for the Q & A bit! Great job!


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