Thirty Day Blogging Challenge: The Last Day!!!


I made it everyone, today is the last day of the challenge! 




I actually posted about the last topic in a previous entry. You can find the answer to today’s question here.

As crazy as this blog challenge has been, it has also been a major blessing. Through this challenge, I have gotten a lot of great new followers, I’ve received awesome feedback, and I’ve grown as a writer. I’ve honestly been surprised at some of the posts that drew the most attention. I thought for sure the refrigerator post would be a flop but I ended up being one of my most popular ‘challenge blogs’. Who knew? 

Some of the topics were hard (Not to mention personal), but they forced me to be more open and have ended up being quite enjoyable to write! I think that the best part of this challenge has been reading the comments and interacting with all of you guys. It was hard coming up with new content everyday, but it was also pretty exciting! I can see why they call this thirty-day-thing a “challenge”.

To close up this challenge, I’d like to post some celebration music! 

Through Your Eyes by Britt Nicole (She just released this song!!!)

Love With Your Life by Hollyn

What You Want by Tenth Avenue North

Eye On It by TobyMac

That’s How You Change The World by The Newsboys

Thank you so much for following this challenge! I promise to keep this blog going into the school year! I’m sure I’ll have plenty of topics to blog about with college on the horizon! 🏃


7 thoughts on “Thirty Day Blogging Challenge: The Last Day!!!

  1. Woowwww I cant believe its overrrrr!!!!!!1 aw man what are we gonna do now. your posts everyday was awesome to see hahahaha. Start another one 😀 hahahahaha jk. I’m glad you did this and I hope to read much much more from you hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also the animations in the beginning are classic hahahaha

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