Q&A Time!

Hey guys, inspired by my friend Mfon, I decided to do a Q&A discussion with you guys.

I have been wondering about this question for a while now and I’m very curious hear your thoughts on it. The question is: Do opposites attract or people who are similar?

By this, I mean personality, hobbies, and patterns of thinking.

What has been your personal experience and which do you think is more common? Please give reasons for your view in the comments section.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

13 thoughts on “Q&A Time!

  1. YAY !! I LOVE questions like these …
    In my opinion, I think sometimes people may be attracted to someone who is completely opposite of them … but I think for a relationship to be strong and to grow a similar personality, hobbies, and beliefs is better.
    However, when I say similar I am not referring to extrovert / introvert – I don’t think this aspect of personality is relevant. However if you look at how a person makes decisions – In Psychology this is referred to as “thinking” and “feeling” I believe it is best if both people have this in common.
    Subsequently, above all I personally believe to have a strong, healthy relationship you have to have the same belief religiously. So many people think that it does not matter but a person’s belief about life, death, eternity is crucial to who they are & also their ideas about important issues in life – marriage, family, etc.
    There are lots of studies conduct by psychologists on this question and I love how everyone has a different point of view. I can’t wait to hear from the others.
    Thanks for posting this Courtney 😊 will you be posting your views after others share???? I hope so !!! 😊

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    1. Totally agreed that shared beliefs is essential! I also agree that thinking/feeling is more relevant than introvert/extravert. I’ll probably share my views along the way as I respond to comments! Thank you for all of your awesome thoughts! 😊

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    2. I like how you look at these things from the psychological view- there’s so much to learn from you! I look at those concepts of religious beliefs, eternity, etc as foundational stones that have to be in agreement. Two can’t work except they agree.. 🙂

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  2. Yay! Q and A! Hmm, it’s fondly said opposites attract and likes repel. But I find myself a little more drawn to people like me who have a lot in common! Because if we are total opposites, there wouldn’t be much to talk about. Hehe, I’m probably still single cause I’m yet to meet guys as weird as I am 😀

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    1. Yay, I’m not the only one! I’ve always been attracted to guys who are similar to me as well. It usually feels like there’s a stronger connection when we have stuff in common. I find it cool when a guy I like shares my interests. And I totally hear what you’re saying; I still have yet to meet someone with my level of weirdness! 😄

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    2. You are right it is said quite often that opposites attract and I think we do like people who have traits that we do not have – for example I tend to be a worrier by nature and my husband is the complete opposite. When we met I loved that he really did not let things get the best of him, like me. And over the years, I have mellowed : ) So I think some ways some traits being the opposite compliment each other but the BIG things I believe need to be the same.
      As for the the Psychological view ~ my major in college was Psychology lol guess that’s where my head goes first LOL : )

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  3. Well I also find myself drawn to people who are like me but I think sometimes I get fed up with the same things and I want something different for a change.
    Yes! We need to have some common grounds before we can come together and reason together but also sometimes you appreciate somethings better when you don’t have any idea about them and that’s good for a change.
    So I think inasmuch as we must have common grounds, there should also be something peculiar or unique about us the opposite partner does not have.
    I think that will work for me.😅


    1. Yeah, I agree with that! It’s always cool to learn about a person’s interests that are different then our own. Plus, if they’re too similar, it can be like having a conversation with ourself. Thanks for commenting Papberry! Always great hearing from you!👏🏻😃

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  4. I believe variety is the spice of life. God knows we’d get bored easily no wonder the varieties that grace the land, sea and air. I do always believe that varieties is not a propagation of differences or similarities but an inoculation of similarities and differences in different degrees.
    Opposite attracts true but with dint of differences. Its inevitable to get bored if someone has almost 90 percent of your own similarities. Relationship is about give and take. There is tendency for us to want to have a relationship with a person who have in abundance what we lack which can be a form of distraction in grasping the real thing.
    Differences and similarities depend on the degrees of each you can work with depending on your level of persona-o-meter. Its widely believed that outgoing like to bring balance to their sanguinity by having a relationship with the opposite of their temperament which is normal but I do like to point out that a time will come when both of them will get fed up of each, one being too quiet and the other being too outspoken.
    My conclusion is this, similarities and opposites attract depending to what degree each can tolerate each other in the long run. Every temperament has it positives and negatives which is a result of the digested tree of good and evil our first parent ate
    A balance is needed.

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    1. Hmm, interesting thoughts. Good point that it can’t be extreme one way or another; there needs to be a balance. Also agree that it differs from person to person, as every individual and every couple is unique. Thank you for your comment, Immanuel. Very well thought out response. It’s always a pleasure hearing from you!


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