Thirty Day Blogging Challenge: Day 5


Hey everyone, I’m a little late, but I made it! I had a Bible study with some of my friends today and we celebrated two birthdays, so that’s why this post is coming later than the last four. Today’s topic is about my proudest moment.

Truth is, I’ve been very blessed and have had a lot of really awesome moments, so I decided to narrow it down to my top three proudest ones!

  1. When I saw my first book in print. I was only about thirteen when this happened. I felt the Lord calling me to write a teen devotional drawing parallels between the struggles Biblical figures faced and modern day problems that people encounter, so I sat down at my computer and began typing. After a lot of hard work, I managed to find a publisher and earn enough money to self publish it. It was an incredible feeling to see something that I wrote in print and I’m very grateful for that opportunity.
  2. When I sang a song that I wrote in a talent show. From the time that I was a freshman in high school, I had a dream to sing one of my songs on stage, and October of my senior year, that dream came true! It was a great feeling and I’ll always remember that night. I wrote about it in detail here.
  3. When I won a Liebster award. A couple of months back, I was nominated for a Liebster by my good friend Mfon from Dainty M. It was super exciting to win an award and be acknowledged for my writing. Plus, the feedback from all of you has inspired me to keep pushing forward and posting new content. I’m very excited to see what God leads me to write in the future.😊

I can’t believe that I’m already on day five of the challenge, I hope y’all stay with me until the end! 🏃


7 thoughts on “Thirty Day Blogging Challenge: Day 5

  1. I’m still with ya here hahaha those are really cool moments to be proud of. I’ve tried writing songs in the past but I can never finish I am never satisfied enough with how it comes out how it sounds or with the word choice lol so its great that you wrote and sang it in front of a crowd at that. how exhilarating!!! Having something published at 13 and winning an award of acknowledgment is a lot more than a lot of people can say about their writing career so I’m sure before you know it if you keep at it you’ll be a great writer and God will be delighted to be the subject matter of such great material I’m sure!!!

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    1. Thanks Julian! Great hearing from you, and I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying this blog challenge! I appreciate the encouragement and I know that God has great plans for you too! I’m looking forward to following your blog challenge, as it’s really interesting! God bless! 😊

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  2. All really amazing moments! I’d like to read the book you published- that’s super cool! I’m so happy the Liebster award made the list 😀 I trust God for many more exciting moments for you!

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