Get To Know Me Tag

Hey everyone, I just got tagged by my online buddy Mfon from Dainty M. Thus, I’m going to answer this awesome questionnaire and tag  some people to pass this on to!

So let’s get to it!

Vital Stats

Name: Courtney

Nicknames: None, although one time my theater class decided to create nicknames for each other based on the last letters of our names. Thus, my nickname in that class was temporarily “Ney”

Place of Birth: The East Coasts of America


Best Friend: Mikaela. I haven’t seen her in years but I’d love to get back into contact with her!

Award: A participation award in a science fair and some kind of Webkinz trophy (Remember that craze?)

Sport: Basketball

Real Holiday: A beach vacation near home.

Concert: A concert at a local mega church for Steven Curtis Chapman, the Afters, and Josh Wilson. 👏


Film: God’s Not Dead, Do You Believe, and Lemonade Mouth

TV Shows: Boy Meets World, Full House, Who’s the Boss, and Friends. (Nineties TV was the best!)

Color: Blue

Song: Right now, I’m really into The One by Brandon Heath and anything by Blanca Callahan, but I’ve also always loved Ready Or Not by Britt Nicole and I’m a huge fan of Fight Song by Rachel Platten.

Restaurant: Chilis. Their fries are amazing!

Books: The SouledOut Sisters by Neta Jackson, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and The Bailey Flanigan series. For classics, I love the book To Kill A MockingBird (Spoiler-It doesn’t actually have anything to do with mockingbirds).


Feeling: Half asleep, lol!

Single or Taken: Single

Eating: Nothing at the moment, but I’m going to have breakfast soon!

Wearing: Pajamas.

Watching: The letters show up as I type them (stole this from Katie but I find it very descriptive!😀 *I’m going to use Mfon and Katie’s answer here*


Want Children: Way too far in the future to think about right now, lol!

Want to Get Married: Dito.

Careers in Mind: Writer, lyricist, and educator

Where You Want To Live: My current state, but I want to visit New York one day.

Do You Believe In

God: Absolutely!

Miracles: You bet!

Love At First Sight: Yes in the movies, but no in real life. *Again, taking Mfon’s answer here because I agree with it.*

Ghosts: Spirits, yes. Ghosts, no.

Heaven: Yes!

Hell: Yeah, but because of Jesus we have the opportunity spend eternity in Heaven.

Kissing On The First Date: No.

Yourself: Yes, God’s helping me to become a little more confident each year. 😃

Now for the new nominees!

Fearfully Wonderfully Me

Christian Song Meaning 

Agape Love For You


Anyone else who reads this and wants to answer it!

6 thoughts on “Get To Know Me Tag

  1. This is so cool, I love your answers! New York would be so cool to visit! I used to reeeeally wanted to go there; I had a whole Pinterest board devoted to New York and New York only! XD 😉 Ooh, have you seen God’s Not Dead 2? If not, do you plan to? 😀

    I just stumbled upon your blog because of sweet Mfon’s “Blogger Recognition Award” post, and I thought I’d just say hi! You’re doing a great job here; keep it up! ❤ 😀


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Koko! New York does sound like a really cool place! And yes, I’ve seen God’s Not Dead 2, it was awesome! Thank you for the feedback & kind words. It’s always great hearing from fellow bloggers. 😃

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved your answers Courtney! 😀 OMG! I love Lemonade Mouth too! And Ready or not by Britt Nicole, Fight song by Rachel Platten…ahh! This is so cool! ❤


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