A Fuller House

If you’re a fan of the 80s-90s television show Full House, then I have big news…there’s going to be a sequel! If you’ve never heard of Full House before, than I’ll give you the basic premise of the show.

In the TV show Full House, Danny Tanner is a widower, raising three daughters. Thus, he asks his lifelong best friend Joey and his brother in law Jessie to move in with him and help him raise his kids. The title Full House is not an exaggeration, as you have Danny (Dad and talk show host), Joey (Stand up comedian), Jessie (Rebellious young rocker), DJ (Oldest child), Stephanie (Middle child), and Michelle (Youngest child) all living under one roof as they learn how to become one big family (Not to mention the later added Rebecca, Nicky, Alex, Comet.)

This show contains many of the themes and tropes in 80s and 90s television such as the best friend/neighbor (The crazy and unforgettable Kimmy Gibbler), the boyfriend (Steve who always seems to be eating something), a dog (Comet), an iconic couple (Jessie and Becky), and a lesson within nearly every episode.

Full House is the first sit-com that I ever watched. I started watching it at age nine and I still sometimes watch it to this day. It’s one of those shows that (In my humble opinion) people of any age demographic can enjoy. I think I appreciate this show even more in retrospect, being that I can’t usually find too many modern shows that I enjoy.

One thing that I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older is that Full House had some tremendous character growth. The most extreme example of character growth would have to be Jessie Katsopolis. He starts off as a wild, rebellious rocker. Nonetheless, when Stephanie cuts off his long hair, he realizes that it might be time for him to grow up. The growth process is really shown after he meets Rebecca Donaldson, a career-driven woman from Nebraska. As the show goes on, you see him become a family man with two children of his own, Nicky and Alex. You also see DJ grow quite a bit, as you see her go from young preteen girl trying to figure life out, to an older teenager, with a lot of maturity and wisdom for her age. She than goes on to give advice to her younger siblings as they face the challenges of growing up. Plus, you literally see Michelle go from practically a baby to a girl about eight years old.

A Fuller House is going to follow a similar plot to it’s parent series. DJ becomes a widow, raising two kids with a third on the way, and asks her sister Stephanie and her best friend Kimmy to move in with her and help her raise her kids.

To celebrate the arrival of A Fuller House, I decided to post the Full House theme song

Get ready for some nostalgia

Random fun fact: Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains), Doris Roberts (Everybody Loves Raymond), Jaleel White (Family Matters), Daniel Fishel (Boy Meets World), and the Beach Boys all guest starred on Full House.

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