Summer Goals

I’d like to start off this blog by wishing a warm hello to all of those reading this. I’m super excited to start up this blog, but I figured I’d take the time to tell a little bit about myself first. I’m a teenager, thus the reason for my blog title 1 Timothy 4:12 Girl, a Bibliophile, which is another word for someone who loves books, an aspiring author and songwriter, and I love music (And usually have a song stuck in my head.) I keep pretty busy with classes during the school year, but I recently started summer break, and thus, I’ll have more time to blog and try to figure out ways to not get bored. As I’m sitting here, on my couch at home, my Dad is watching some show called Alaskan Bush People and my cat is laying on the head of the couch sleeping. Small peek into a typical night at my house.

Hmm, summer. Perhaps that could be my first blog topic. To me, summer is almost like New Years Eve. A fresh start to set new goals and accomplish new things. Some of my goals for this summer are to pass the permit test and practice driving for the first time, read some books that I didn’t have time to read during the school year, work on a longtime series that I hope to publish someday, etc. Not too long ago, I organized my room. That was interesting, to say the least. You know how things pile up and before you know it, the term junk drawer isn’t just a figure of speech? That’s what happened to my drawers. Thus, I made a clean sweep. In other words, every piece of paper or random, broken object that bared no significance or attachment must go. I have to say, it feels pretty good to organize my room and actually know where stuff is. This summer, I encourage all of you to set some goals for yourself before you enter into the new school year. Definitely take some time to relax as well (I spent some quality time yesterday with Saved By The Bell: The College Years. Good old 90s TV.), but don’t let summer pass you by without accomplishing some goals and sticking to them. Because as evidenced by my freshly organized drawers, accomplishment feels very good when you’re done.

Ready. Set. Make that Summer Bucket List.

2 thoughts on “Summer Goals

  1. Haha. I can totally relate to the ‘junk drawer’ being more than just a figure of speech! And it’s so true, the fulfillment I get after organizing my room feels so good. 😀
    Your first post is pretty cool and it has set the tone for the other very inspiring posts you’ve put up. It’s really lovely to know you.



    1. I know, right? It’s somewhat dreaded at first but I always feel SO much better once it’s finished!
      And thank you, it’s lovely to know you too! I can’t wait to read some of your older blog posts! 😀

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